As we look ahead we want to capitalise on the strengths of the area; preserving our historical and cultural identity as well as creating further commercial opportunities for local business and better open spaces and homes for local residents.


The Sandy Row area has great potential. With the designation of the area as part of the South Belfast Urban Village - there is an opportunity to deliver on big ambition for the area; addressing projects in a coordinated manner and supporting residents to embrace ambitious possibilitIes.

Community Planning / Belfast Agenda
The community plan for Belfast will be known as the Belfast Agenda. It will be a joint vision for Belfast 2030, created in partnership with key city partners, residents and community organisations. The plan will set out measurable medium and long term goals for social, economic and environmental improvements for Belfast over the next 15 years. If you want to know more visit


Hope Street
This is site is under the remit of NI Housing Executive - we are currently working with NIHE to influence the site development brief that will serve the needs of the City & Community. Great opportunity for mixed use development that will connect city centre to Sandy Row and vice versa.

96 Sandy Row
Former band shop to developed to house our community enterprise sandy row tours & souvenirs shop. We also anticpate developing 2 apartments on the site that will be the first project of our ‘community build; community manage’ property lets.

Gilpin's Building
community ambition to develop the site for mixed use development 44,000 sq ft of potential mixed use development that is driven by our colleagues at BSCR.