Walking Tours of the area will be held weekly during the months of July & August at a cost of £7.50pp. The 2 hour tour will show an area steeped in tradition, history and industry. You will also see the only Fairy Tree in an urban setting in Ireland and the oldest Orange Hall in Belfast.

The area is one that is rich in cultural identity and history with several significant points of interest including;

• The Orange Hall
• The Half Day School and the connection with factory life
• The Churches
• The brewery site and its connection with the Ulster Division
• Local involvement in the World Wars
• More recent history of the impact of the “Troubles”

You can view a brief history of Sandy Row here

View more at www.blogigo.at/sandy_row_history and www.blogigo.at/sandy_row_history_part_2

Please contact Glenda or Rebecca on 90238446 or tours@sandyrow.co.uk for further information
Belfast International Youth Hostel: 02890 315435 or www.hini.org.uk/hostels/belfast.cfm
Days Hotel: 02890 242494 or www.dayshotelbelfast.co.uk
Allens Tours: Benn Allen on 02890 915613 or www.allenstours.co.uk

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