Sandy Row is one of the oldest residential districts in Belfast and is located just at the edge of Belfast City Centre and adjacent to Belfast’s Golden Mile, once dubbed the ‘Second City Centre’. The area means many things to many different people. For some it was a place filled with the buzz of local industry while to others it’s simply the place we call home.

At present, Sandy Row is undergoing a process of rebirth. We are striving to move the area forward and show what it has to offer. A prosperous and attractive place to live. A place where visitors and investors are welcome.A healthy, vibrant and positive community

'By 2030 the people of Sandy Row will know they matter & that they have a contribution to make in the future development of the City of Belfast & Northern Ireland'

Sandy Row Community Forum

Sandy Row Community Forum was established in 1996 and is the 'Community Anchor Organisation' with the purpose to create a collective of community; business; churches; statutory agencies & government....

To advance citizenship & community development; and promote the benefits of the inhabitants of Sandy Row/Mid-Donegall Road in South Belfast & its environs

Providing a co-ordinated voice, with everyone working together to deliver 'A Sandy Row that is THE place in the City to Live, Work Visit & Invest'


Sandy Row Community Forum is committed to...

1. A Connected & Engaged Community - Sandy Row is recognised as a vibrant community hub which is connected economically and culturally to the wider development of the city. It is seen as an area that embraces new initiatives and opportunities. Citizens actively participate in community & civic life and social capital is in abundance.

2. A Culturally Confident & Safer Community - Residents state that they are proud of their area; People feel safe to live and work in the area; There is growth in tourism and visitors to the area; Diversity is embraced

3. A Financially Thriving Community - Entrepreneurship & self-employment is promoted as the first option for residents; The area encourages inward investment and is business friendly; There are opportunities for employment and support for local people to access jobs; skills development programmes are mindful of emerging opportunities and career opportunities; individuals are supported to thrive financially

4. A Healthy & Resilient Community - Residents have access to well-being programmes and services that ensure they are physically, emotionally & spiritually well-off. Sandy Row is recognised a community that supports and promotes the physical and mental well being of its residents as central to everyday life

5. A Greener & Sustainable Community - the physical & built environment is conducive to a healthier community through the provision of green spaces; new green technologies are present in households and new developments to ensure that running costs are reduced andenvironmental impact is low; the residential population is sustained through the provision of affordable homes ensuring housing needs are met into the future;

6. An Age Friendly Community - Sandy Row is a community built on equality for all people regardless of age; Opportunities are provided for everyone regardless of age to access basic services and to be involved in community life

7. A Learning Community - Education & learning are key priorities locally; Children are supported from birth in relation to their learning outcomes; Key Transition years are supported (nursery to p1/ P7 to Year 8/ Year 10 / Year 11 to 6th Year; College; or employment) Parents are supported to understand and navigate the education system. All abilities are supported to engage in learning & contribute to community life through an emphasis on life long learning 

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