Our little part of Belfast has it's own unique story going back over 400 years.

Of all the streets in Belfast, Sandy Row is perhaps the most famous, and historic. Since 1600, the Sandy Row area has had a strong community and a rich tradition forged through all the eras that followed. Now Sandy Row is about to enter a new era, with an important regeneration project underway. Revitalise Our Heritage is designed to put local heritage and culture at the forefront of its revival. 

The local community, schools, wider Belfast and visitors to Northern Ireland are all invited to share in and learn more about the history of this fascinating place, through walking tours, information packs and outreach projects. And who better than volunteer local guides to lead the walks? 

Tours and other resources will follow the story of the oldest residential area in Belfast, from its earliest settlement, through the industrial heyday of a booming city, through The Troubles and to peacetime, and show how each era shaped the area and its people. 

Sandy Row is filled with landmarks and local colour and this is a great opportunity to discover, or rediscover, the history on every doorstep.

Sandy Row Walking Tours

Sandy Row Walking Tour

Belfast’s oldest residential area is also known as the Pride of Belfast. The walking tour provides plenty of reasons why. Though the area is just a ten minute walk from Belfast City Centre, it has a character all its own. The tour lasts approximately 1 hour 30 mins.

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