The Sandy Row Physical and Built
Environment Growth Strategy

Sandy Row Community Forum [SRCF] has been assisted by funding from the Housing Executive [HE] to commission a Physical and Built Environment Growth Strategy for the area. The primary purpose of the strategy is to contribute to the progress of work to date in Sandy Row and the wider environs in enhancing revitalization and regeneration of the area and to strengthen sustainability for the future.

Welcome to our wee part of the world. With a rich history and exciting potential, Sandy Row is a place to live, visit and invest.

This site is a hub of information about our area. Giving local people a place to keep up-to-date with the developments and changes in the Sandy Row area. It’s also a chance to show visitors to Belfast what the area holds for them and the history & culture that makes the Sandy Row area what it is. 

We want to establish Sandy Row as “a place to linger not leave”, we have to catch the interest of resident & investors alike. We have to show them Sandy Row’s potential as a key neighbourhood within the ‘energised core’ of Belfast and remain true to the spirit of the existing community, respecting the history & the cultural identity. 

By marketing our area positively, developing our tourism product and linking it into the existing businesses we would see Sandy Row becoming the ‘Gateway to South Belfast’.

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Our Publications

We have a number of publications, produced over the last 10 years, which outline development plans, goals and community development.